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Street Kings

RC Components is pleased to introduce our line of Street King wheels. These are our new Flow-Forged street wheels. Thanks to the process by which our blanks are made, the end product is a stronger street wheel with similar properties to a forged wheel, perfect for the street and the drag strip.

Street Kings


But truth, or at least personal revelation, does matter to Ludlow. An ex-partner of his has been killed in a bodega massacre that implicates Tom, and damned if he won't find out whodunit. This will involve getting info on the perps by grilling hood denizens (including Cedric "the Entertainer" Kyles in a fun turn), tangling with a skeptical Internal Affairs Captain (Hugh Laurie, essentially playing House on the streets) and leaving enough corpses in his wake to make the City of Angels seem like Baghdad-on-the-Pacific. It's L.A.P.D.-lirious.

DeAndre, a.k.a. Dre, leads the team that includes his friends Raheem, Devonte, and Lyrical, and together, they make up one of the most dangerous gangs in their hometown. With their intentions set on gaining money, status, women, and fame, meeting a group of women with the same goals in mind seems like the best kind of luck. Sparks fly almost immediately, and together, they quickly become a force that totally dominates the street game without competition or resistance...until they catch the eye of Police Sergeant Naomi Mills.

Naomi Mills, a police sergeant out of the Gary Police Department, is emotionally conflicted when it comes to protecting and cleaning up the streets of G.I. When she and her team of detectives run across a murderous group of masked assailants known only as the Death Dealers and whose sole purpose is to terrorize the streets of G.I., Naomi is determined to bring the killers to justice, but when the Death Dealers suddenly target her and her loved ones, she suspects police corruption in her own department. 041b061a72


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