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In the force diagram of the top-down view of the tire you can see two main quantities, the lateral force Fy and the pneumatic trail Xpt. Fy is the lateral force acting upon the tires, which we can assume to be equal to lateral acceleration of the vehicle plus any gravitational acceleration the vehicle is on a banked road. The pneumatic trail, Xpt, is the point on the tire upon which that force acts. In this diagram you can see the torque around the tire is just the product of those 2 quantities. The pneumatic trail can be assumed to be constant for a certain vehicle configuration, across all speeds.

download view now ( 502.46 MB )


openpilot now supports delta updates for future AGNOS updates. This reduces the amount of data that needs to be downloaded by reusing bits and pieces from the previous update. We use the casync CLI to split up the old and the new update into chunks and compress them. On the device side, we built a simple Python implementation to determine which chunks can be reused from the previous update, and which have to be downloaded from the server.

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