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How to Get CD Hack 5.0 for Counter-Strike 1.6 and Become a Pro Player

dear god! this hack is a beast. not only does it have the most severity rating out of all the hacks in the 2019 challenge, but it also has the highest number of flags (more than 100), the most objectives, and the most virtual environments. at this point, ive solved over 10 of the tasks and ive cracked at least two of the flags, but im still very much into the hack and i dont want to give anything away. its a big, big, big, big, big, big, big, big box. but in the end, theres a lot of neat stuff going on, and a bunch of neat resources to leverage. so, ill take it apart.

download cd hack 5.0


this is a submission i made that didnt get any traction. i had a really fun time with the box, and it was really interesting and different. the hackerror redirects failed because of server misconfiguration, and theres a hole in the firewall that lets me spoof headers and get around it. it looks like there wasnt much interest in this box, as it didnt get many attempts. in beyond root, ill show you how i got around the firewall, and how i got out.

i submitted this a while ago, and it was basically the first hackthebox machine that i ever submitted to htb. the box is interesting in that it basically takes an encrypted zip of a linux distribution and serves it up, with a web interface. the goal is to extract the secret file. to do that, i need to find the location of the secret file in the web interface. in beyond root, ill show you how i find the web ui, and show how i can get the secret file.

this box isnt the most memorable hackthebox submission, but i was really happy with how it turned out. this was my first use of a vm, and it was definitely a learning experience. the box is interesting because i was able to get ssh in, and then decrypt the contents of a virtual disk. it wasnt very hard, but i didnt know a lot about how things work. in beyond root, ill show you how i got the root shell, and why it worked.


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