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The Night Shift - Season 4 ((BETTER))

Going into The Night Shift season 4 episode 7, it was already clear that this episode would be more emotional than most. It was directed by a veteran, written by a veteran, and all of its guest stars were veterans. Everyone who was there specifically for this episode served in some capacity.

The Night Shift - Season 4

Well, as we all know by now, the thoughts of critics mean very little if a show can continue to bring in people and keep them planted in front of the TV screen week after week and season after season. And, The Night Shift has managed to do that for three seasons now. Here's hoping that they can keep up the good work into Season 4 and beyond.

Since Dr. Topher Zia (Ken Leung) is now gone, and Dr. Julian Cummings (James McDaniel) purchased the hospital, will the staff of San Antonio Memorial be able to keep it together? Will the ratings rise or fall? Will The Night Shift TV show be cancelled or renewed for season five? Stay tuned.

NBC should not cancel The Night Shift. I enjoyed this drama series immensely. Even thought the ratings for season 4 were down to 0.66 I know of plenty of other shows with similar and lower ratings. I sincerely hope another network picks up the show, maybe NETFLIX.

I Loved this show! So disappointed that NBC cancelled it. My favorite show! Was hoping TC and Jordan would admit they are still in love with each other and get back together! I wish Netflix would pick it up for season 5!

NO definitely not. The Night Shift was great television drama and even though the ratings slipped to 0.66 for season 4, NBC has plenty of other shows renewed for 2018 season with lower viewer ratings. I hope that NETFLIX or some other network picks up the show. PLEASE PLEASE.

The Night Shift returns Wednesday night with the first part of a two-part season premiere. While the hospital crew deal with trying to save a woman seriously injured in a car accident, Drew is overseas in Afghanistan and is struggling to treat a young woman. Meanwhile, a new night shift recruit may be too outspoken to fit with the team. The Night Shift: Wednesday, 10pm on NBC.

Ragosa spent the night high on ecstasy. There were several videos taken of him running around the ER behaving badly. In the morning he talks with Landry about his divorce and his eyesight. They go out to breakfast.

The series flew largely under the radar when it aired in the UK on Sony Channel. But when it found a new, much more suitable home with Netflix for its fourth season, I was curious enough to give the pilot a cursory watch.

The action was recurrently split between San Antonio and various different warzones, where TC and other characters were providing medical aid in dangerous climes. And though it gave the series a greater scope, it also took the attention away from the ER and the night shift of the title. 041b061a72


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