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Poco All Fired Up 2013

Originally published March 2013. This is the liner notes I wrote for our album All Fired Up which was released march 2013. They were not used because there were no liner notes, though the first sentence was used in one of our press releases. "There is no manual for a forty five year old rock band........."

poco all fired up 2013

From its first recorded song, "Kind Woman," to its 1969 debut album, "Pickin' Up the Pieces," to its 1978 critically acclaimed "Legend" album, to the band's latest release, 2013's "All Fired Up," it's safe to say the set list for each night at the Thrasher will be jam-packed full of your favorite Poco classics.

Poco "All Fired Up" (Drifter's Church, 2013) I have to admit, I was surprised by the strength of this album from these former '70s chart-toppers... Yeah, there's a certain old-dude dorkiness quotient at play, but there are also songs here that stick to your ribs and riffs that will echo around in your head. I dunno, there's something nice about these DIY albums from folks whose hit-making days are long past -- you can tell they really just want to play music, and plus, it's not like they forgot how to craft a good song. This is probably really just a for-fans-only album, but if you are an old Poco fan, I think you'll be pleased. My picks here would be the topical tune, "Hard Country," about tough times in the heartland... Their homage, "Neil Young," about getting bitten by the rock'n'country bug bank in the day, is also kind of funny and fun. Worth a spin! 076b4e4f54


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