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Rise Of The Tomb Raider Full |LINK| Movie In Italian 720p

The general reputation for films based on video games is not a good one. From those seen, it is not surprising that they generally have not been well received and that as a films-based-on-video-games group the reputation is dubious.Saw 'Tomb Raider', despite some apprehension because the critical reception was fairly lukewarm and so were the reactions from friends (whose opinions are ones that are always respected and often agreed with), as someone who likes Alicia Vikander and although it's been years as someone with fond memories of the games. Although it has also been years since seeing them, am familiar with the two 'Tomb Raider' films with Angelina Jolie. Remember quite liking the first, while also not caring for the second and being pleasantly surprised by Jolie. 'Tomb Raider' (2018), while far from perfect or one of the year's best films (far from being one of the worst too), turned out to be worth the while. Another case of liking it more than the critics did, while seeing where they're coming from. Will agree with anybody who didn't find the script great. It's not terrible, it does intrigue and the tone at least is clear. Too much of it though is clunky, especially in the more exposition-oriented parts that are not as interesting or resonant as ought generally and veer on the banal.Story similarly is flawed. Again, a long way from a disaster as it was taut and fun and kept me engaged with some nice clever nods to the games. It is not an original one, some of it even is pretty derivative, and it is not always logical. Mostly am not one to criticise a film for having plot holes, find it to be a very lazy and unfair reason to criticise a film for (especially when it is the only thing that some reviews for certain films mention), but will briefly mention without spoilers that they are there and they are pretty big. The ending is not really a surprise at all, actually as predictable as one would expect.Characters tend to be one-dimensional and too neatly black and white. The father-daughter relationship and story does have heart, and the closest thing to development, but for instance Daniel Wu's character didn't fit very well, out of place actually, and Wu didn't look very comfortable. However, 'Tomb Raider' is far from a bad film. It does what it said on the tin, knew what it wanted to be and who to aim it for and kept me entertained and engaged throughout, even with its issues. There is fun and intrigue, and also a taut pace. The film starts promisingly on a gritty note and the action is exciting and energetically choreographed, with some jaw-dropping stunts and extravagant and not over-used or abused special effects that looked like a lot of time and effort went into them.On a visual level, 'Tomb Raider' looks great. Beautifully shot, with lots of audaciousness and grit, editing that is slick and lively and wonderfully exotic locations. Plus the effects. The most striking and arresting visuals are the Devil's sea storm, the underground pagoda tomb and the remains of the crashed airplane. The pulsating, without being overbearing, music score gives 'Tomb Raider' a lot of life, as does Uthaug's suitably muscular direction. There are brains and a heart here, as well as good thrills. Other than Wu, the cast do a great job. Alicia Vikander's performance is a committed one and a more than worthy successor to Jolie, also a great lead performance in its own right, doing her best to have Lara as more than an action hero. Kristin Scott Thomas and Derek Jacobi are as ever dependable with not an awful lot to do. Dominic West is a compassionate presence. The best performance though comes from Walton Goggins, terrific as the villain. All in all, worthwhile. 7/10 Bethany Cox

Rise of the Tomb Raider full movie in italian 720p


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