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Watch GR Dragon Ball Super - 131 GR

Elsewhere Android 18 is shown taking on the Kamikaze Fireballs in their transformed state. They suddenly start gloating over their beauty whilst calling Android 18 ugly. Krillin watching from the stands find it hard to imagine that Ribrianne can ever be considered beautiful but Beerus admits that she is kind of cute. Android 18 however doesn't care at all for this and says it has nothing to do with one's strength. Ribrianne launches several attacks at Android 18 without giving her a chance to counter and leaves her open to be grabbed by Kakunsa and Roasie. Just as Ribrianne is about to finish her off, Krillin loudly complains about their dirty tactics which attracts the attention of Ribrianne who, taken aback, asks who that gorgeous man is. Android 18 proclaims him as her husband which angers Ribrianne and continues with her plan to finish her of but finds her power wavering giving Android 18 the chance to break free and quickly turn the tables on the fight. With her heart no longer in the fight, Ribrianne prepares to jump from the platform but her friends urge her to stay.

Watch GR Dragon Ball Super - 131 GR


Khai and Top are amazed that the heat radiating from Goku's body is even reaching them out in the bleachers, and Belmod again urges Jiren to finish Goku off at once. Jiren responds by showering Goku with an incessant barrage of rapid-fire punches. Not only does Goku have his hands full blocking these countless blows, but the attacks are causing the ground beneath him to crumble away, meaning that at this rate he will drop out of bounds before too long, to the worry of his friends on the bleachers. When it seemed to be over, suddenly, Goku lands a powerful blow to Jiren's chest, knocking him back. The Omni-Kings are amazed as Goku's white-hot ki lights up the arena. Breathing deeply again, Goku gathers the ki around him into his body. Watching this, Jiren realizes that he must respond in kind, and powers up even further, giving off the tremendous heat of his own. Jiren concentrates his ki into a single ball that he fires at Goku, but Goku appears behind him holding the ball in his hand. Crushing the ki ball, the now shining Goku moves towards Jiren, dodging his punch and landing a few attacks of his own. The Omni-Kings continue to be impressed at Goku's newfound power, and the Grand Minister declares that the display to be indeed a super turn of events. Beerus and Whis can tell that, incredibly enough, Goku has managed to reach the completed version of Autonomous Ultra Instinct. As Goku goes on knocking Jiren around with ease, the glow surrounding his body clears to reveal he now sports radiant silver hair and silver eyes. Beerus, as well as all of the destroyers of the exempt universes, stand in respectful recognition of Goku's accomplishment 041b061a72


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