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MS. JEN GOLBECKThey have a mobile payment alterative of their own in the works. So what does this mean for those of us who might be interested in convenient new ways to pay? Joining us to discuss are John Riley (sic), a technology and telecom reporter for Kiplinger's, the personal finance and business publisher. Good to have you here.

MILEYSure, yeah. It didn't really gain in popularity, but now we think with Apple Pay there's a little bit of an extra incentive for consumers to use it. Specifically, the thumbprint reader. So there's a little bit more security. It's a little bit easier to use, which I think will be huge for these types of mobile payments to be adopted. And I think that's why Apple's sort of a little bit of a game changer with this.

KANTORWe see a lot of really interesting things happening. There's not just the big names out there like Apple Pay and Google. But there are companies looking at using Bluetooth technology to connect consumers and their phones to merchants. There are companies looking at using cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin and others, as an easy way to pay. There's lots of innovation right now where there's a real potential to change the marketplace we've had for a number of years on the payments front.

GOLBECKSo how does that contrast to things, for example, we were looking at CVS's system -- which I'll ask you more -- that involves scanning a Q.R. code, which are those squares with all the kind of patterns on the inside. And I think Starbucks works in a similar way. Where there you have to launch an app, is that right?

MILEYSure, yeah. And that takes a couple extra seconds, which Apple is saying people might not be as apt to do. So with this you'll also have an additional level of security with the fingerprint reader. And it's quick and easy to use. So that's really the difference here.

GOLBECKJohn, it seems part of the competition that's heating up is around the technology behind the mobile payment systems. Can you just give us a little about the landscape on the tech side at the moment and what's out there? So we talked about Apple Pay, we talked about some of these apps. What else is it that consumers might use?

MILEYSure. There's PayPal. There's CurrentC, which I believe is Best Buy, Walmart, a lot of other big retailers which are now using the same bar codes to scan, but I believe they're also looking into those wireless type of payments as well. So it's not just Apple. There's a lot of different ways that people can do mobile payments using their smartphone.

KANTORWell, there have been a lot of concerns over time with our credit card system as it exists today because Visa and MasterCard have dominated for more than a generation. And they have baked a lot of extra costs into the system. When you think about why we pay -- with anything that we pay, the question is what makes things more convenient and what makes things cheaper? Those are the real drivers of payments. It's why we have money in the first place.

KANTORHere the question is why would someone go into mobile payments? Well, from the merchant's perspective, there's an opportunity for the first time in a long time to actually have some new competitors and break up the dominance in this market and bring those costs down. That's a big potential value to merchants and one that could create a huge amount of value for consumers, as they try to induce their customers to use the kind of payment that works best for them.

GOLBECKCan you talk a little about the fees attached to credit cards for merchants? Because I think this is something that the average person like me -- we know that there's some percentage that the merchants pay off that, but we don't know exactly how that works or how that relates to these new technologies.

KANTORYeah, it's something that's been hidden for a long time. As consumers, we look at it and it appears the cards we use are free or, in fact, that there's some benefits to us in terms of airline miles or something like that. But in the United States merchants actually pay the largest fees in the industrialized world in order to take these transactions. And that's because Visa and MasterCard each have member banks and tell their member banks how much to charge.

KANTORAnd that lack of competition among the banks has led to a steady increase over time of these fees, where it's different than virtually any place else. And ultimately, even though we don't see it as consumers, it means everything we buy is more expensive. So there's a lot of room actually to innovate and have -- if the merchant has a lower cost, offer consumers discounts and other things.

KANTORThat's exactly right. And some of those stations still do that today. And in fact, there's a little more experimentation now than there's been in a long time in part because of these developments and in part because of changes that have happened with debit cards in recent years. But those are things that merchants are looking at as a way to both control their costs and hopefully get customers to keep coming back.

KANTORSure. At the moment those fees are the same, in terms of what the merchant pays for with Apple Pay and what they would pay for with somebody's credit card on a normal transaction. But there's a big concern because Apple is getting a piece of the revenue from the banks, as part of this system. And merchants are convinced, because this is what they've seen happen on the credit card side, that that cost will get built into the fees they pay very shortly. And Apple Pay will be more expensive than the traditional credit cards.

MILEYYeah, I agree with that. I think that a lot of companies are -- that joined in do want to accept it because so many people have iPhones. So many people are going to have iPhone 6's, which have the NFC. But there is a question, how much is Apple going to take? I don't they've revealed that yet. And will those fees passed on to the consumers or the merchants?

MILEYYeah, so the way Apple Pay works is that credit card information is stored on your phone -- but, again, not the number of your credit card. And that's all encrypted. And then when you make a payment there's a special unique code that sort of links to that transaction. So that means the merchant doesn't have your credit card number, so there's no information exchanged there. So that level of protection is what sort of Apple is selling, is that new level of privacy and security.

KANTORYeah, so CurrentC hasn't been fully rolled out yet. It's in a pilot stage so some things about their security aren't know. But it's very similar in that the merchant isn't going to have your card number and that's going to be at a distant place and protected. So there are similar protections. One of the main differences is with Apple you're using a fingerprint to access the payment, whereas CurrentC, that's not part of it, but you're account number isn't there present at the time of the transaction. And so that's protective in a similar way as to what Apple Pay's doing.

KANTORSome will and some won't. There's going to be differences. A CurrentC type product is set up to integrate with merchant's loyalty programs so that there can be some viewing by merchants, both of what customers purchase, but also as a way to give them offers. Most of us actually sign up for those loyalty programs, like at the grocery store, because we like it, because we then get discounts, especially on the things that we buy most often. 041b061a72


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