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The Movie Sorry Daddy

All the movie sound clips on this site are just short samples from the original sources, in mp3, wav or other popular audio formats. The copyrighted, unlicensed movie samples are shorter in comparison to the original movie. Samples do not exceed 10 seconds or less than 1% of the length of the original movie, which is shorter. All the sounds retain their original copyright as owned by their respective movie production companies (read the full disclaimer)

the movie Sorry Daddy

Brandon Calvillo and Ry Doon have a podcast! In a world of faux happiness on social media, these two aren't afraid to look bad. Brandon and Ry laugh at the dark side of life, and talk about stuff they might be sorry for one day... I'm Sorry Dad.

You sat there looking me over for a few minutes not saying a word and obviously contemplating the correct form of punishment. "Now, my little girl, you have very much upset daddy with your behaviour tonight" you say simply. "I need to punish you for a number of misdemeanours this evening. Not only are you two hours late, but also you have not kept yourself clean in the way daddy likes. And, judging by the way you are dressed, you have brought it all on yourself. I want you over my lap immediately."

You walk around to the other side of the bed and administer the same treatment to this breast. Tears are forming in my eyes and I try to blink them away with little success. I can barely count the strikes and thank you without crying. Once you reach 10, I am openly crying as you move to the end of the bed. I know exactly what is coming and begin to beg you. "Daddy, please, I can't take it anymore. I am so sorry. Please give me a chance to make it up to you, I promise I will never misbehave ever again. I am so so sorry."

His first job out of college was during the Vietnam War where he worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency where he had interesting roles that included handcuffed briefcases and helicopter rides to naval ships. But his primary role was where that mathematics degree transitioned to a computer science degree as he helped work on those early IBM computer systems very similar to those machines you saw in the movie Hidden Figures.

"Because all the people left and went to America," he said. "Look, a musk oxen. Isn't that a nice shot," he said, laughing and pointing to a black speck in a sea of gray. His wife sighed. "You've seen too many Stan Brakhage movies," she said, referring to the avant-garde filmmaker.

The camera panned the beach. There were large plastic tubs to hold the crabs. "We filled those to the top," said her husband. But there were no crabs. Just people smiling for the camera, waving, unknowingly, to Argentines and, now, a crowd in Durham. "That's strange," said Arlene. "Don't you think, honey?" She apologized for the letdown. "Well, I'm sorry. I remember it so clearly. It doesn't show it, but there were thousands. Just thousands of them."


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