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The Da Best In Da West 2: Da Western Pulis Istori !!LINK!!

We were off ploughing through the sand again early the next morning. Wecould not give the horses quite all the water they wanted, but we didthe best we could. We were in the heart of the hills all day. There weresimply thousands of the great sand drifts in every direction. Buffalobones half buried were becoming numerous. We saw several coyotes, orprairie wolves, skulking about, but we shot at them without success. Wegot water at Cody, and pressed on. In the afternoon we sighted someantelope looking cautiously over the crest of a sand billow. Olliemounted the pony and I took my rifle, and we went after them, while Jackkept on with the wagon. They retreated, and we followed them a mile ormore back from the trail, winding among the drifts and attempting to getnear enough for a shot. But they were too wary for us. At last wemounted a hill rather higher than the rest, and saw them scampering awaya mile or more to the northwest. We were surprised more by somethingwhich we saw still on beyond them, and that was a little pond of waterdeep down between two great ridges of sand.

The Da Best in da West 2: Da Western Pulis Istori

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My father is a teacher in a missionary school here, and on Sundayshe assists in the mission services. I assist, too, playing anAmerican cabinet organ and helping with the singing. The otherevening a gentleman called at our house for a chat. He is aJapanese of perhaps forty, and he spent ten years in Europe andAmerica. He speaks Spanish, French, English, German, and Chinese,besides his own tongue, in the latter of which he is perfectlyversed. He has visited every city of importance in the westernworld, and is therefore a judge of customs. Suddenly he said to myfather, "What an inconvenient man you are!"

"When you travel you take with you, either to tote about, or hiresome one to carry for you, a great amount of luggage. As for me,the hotel furnishes me a dressing-gown and a night-robe, and I buya fresh tooth-brush each morning for a sen. No; say what youplease, you western folk are inconvenient people. You do not followthe line of the least resistance. You make too much effort to live,and the cost is too great in nerves, brains, flesh, blood, andworry."


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