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Join Us for Annual Events!

The Eastern Arizona Museum and Historical Society sponsors annual events to promote learning and raise funds to support the Museum.

Planned Events

Check out our Facebook page for current information on each of these events. 

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Heritage Days

Held in April every year, Heritage Days celebrates the founding of Pima on April 8th 1879. Activities include a BBQ dinner followed by a cowboy breakfast the following morning consisting of pancakes, eggs, bacon and fresh Dutch oven biscuits covered with sausage gravy or homemade jams. Volunteers prepare and serve the food while community members mingle and visit after breakfast. Often combined with All School reunions or reunions for specific classes, this event helps us to reconnect with classmates and friends we don’t see regularly. Cost for dinner is $10 and breakfast plates are $5. All funds raised are for the museum and help to keep it open and operating throughout the year.  

Fright at the Museum

Fright at the Museum is a new addition to our fundraising efforts. Faced with deteriorating buildings and large amounts of necessary repairs, museum board members decided to think outside the box when it came to fundraisers. The idea was pitched to start a haunted house in the WM Carter Farm Museum. Started in 2019 the haunted house runs for 4 nights the week of Halloween. The goal of this event was to raise money for repairs as well as provide an event for the youth of the Gila Valley that was both safe and enjoyable. It has run every year since 2019 and each year it gets bigger and raises more for the museum. We have made significant repairs and upgrades to all 3 buildings over the past few years and monies raised at the haunted house have gone a long way to help make those repairs happen. Fright at the Museum is staffed 100% from volunteers from the community. It takes a small army of volunteers to pull this event off and we are always looking for more help. Board member Clint Woods is the contact for any haunted house related questions.

4th of July Breakast

4th of July pancake breakfast. Early in the morning every 4th of July, Eastern Arizona Museum and Historical Society combines with the Town of Pima to recognize and honor our independence. A flag raising and pancake, eggs and bacon breakfast is held at Heritage Park next to the Pima Fire Station. Cost for this event is kept low, $3 a plate and free to all Veterans and active Military.     

Quarterly Newsletter

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